Tuesday, March 13, 2012

SD Library Challenge Lesson #10:Wrap Up

This challenge has been very interesting and useful. The requirement of creating a blog was a good "challenge" because I hadn't done it before, and this showed me how easy it is to set up a blog.

I am glad we have access to all the SLSD resources - each one has its place. For my purposes, knowing about the Learning Express Library will probably be the most helpful. Just yesterday at the reference desk, I was able to guide a patron to that database for help with an exam practice.

On a personal level, I know I will be visiting the Ancestry Library more in the future. For so many of us whose ancestors were immigrants, it's interesting and fun to learn about their lives.

Finally, I would like to thank Jane and Julie for all their work on this challenge; as a "newbie" to South Dakota, this exercise has helped make me feel more a part of this state now.

P.S. In about 6 weeks we should start seeing nighthawks ("Goatsuckers") return to our state - don't forget to look up!


  1. Hi, Goatsucker, now I will recognize these creatures when I see them! We're glad you can find uses for the SDSL databases--even at your academic library.Thanks for joining us in this session of the SD State Library E-Resources Challenge! CONGRATULATIONS on completing it!!!! Take a bow!!!

  2. PS Welcome to SD and to the blogosphere! :)